Being Open to the Unknown

Seven Days of Silence in a Small Room Alone

In “No Exit”, Jean Paul Sartre created a hell where 3 people are trapped in a small room together, which lead to the famous phrase: “Hell is Other People”.

But what happens when a person, known for being social and performative, removes all human interaction and comforts?

With the performance of “7 days of silence”, the artist, Evgeny Du Gravier Bocquet, will remain in complete silence for 7 days in an 8 square meter room without any human contact of any kind. There will be no phone and no communication with the outside world. He will have only water for the first three days and soup for the last four. There will be writing tools and a mattress to sleep on.

The experience will start at 00:01 on 1 February and end at midnight on February 7.

The artist has chosen to become vulnerable and uncomfortable in order to reach a new state which cannot be predicted. Will it be transcendent? Will it be heaven? Will it be hell?

Being completely open to the unknown is very difficult for most people. This experience could open a door to the artist’s psyche that is unknown.

Can the artist know what will happen to him during the 7 days? No. Because it needs to be authentic and real, and this will come out of the 7 days of solitude.

The artist has been preparing for the solitude and will invite selected guests to share the conclusion of the experience.

The ready-to-wear couture designer Martin Raffa has lent the artist a garment which reflects the purity of intention and the rebirth/marriage of the artist with his soul. It’s color and transparency are intentional.

The guests are invited to share in the experience after midnight on 7 February at a private venue.

Seven is a spiritual and significant number for the artist.

Video and photos by Alessandro Tinelli